AND, what an instructive cross-boundary event it was anyway! Only a few actually participated in it and many only for a few seconds. Yet, that day and long after on the Internet, many reacted to it with glee. The joy and laughter elicited support this serious effort to show not tell the effect a person on one side and can have on a person on the other side by “playing” on this uniquely situated device. Do you remember a childhood see-saw experience? I do. I was about five trying to swing on the monkey bars in the neighborhood park. Then, a teeter-totter was empty and I sat down on one end. Just then a boy twice my size sat on the opposite end of it. All of a sudden I was up in the air. I did grab hold of the wooden sides and at least I didn’t fall off. He jumped off and I hit the ground hard. Scared, embarrassed and angry all at the same time. Hmmm…. How about you? What a demonstration of how people living across asymmetric borders might feel when they are met by changes they don’t control?