Hold more than one perspective at the same time?

sense the differences people raise and focus on ways to create bridges between people?

connect ideas and perspectives across disciplines?

see at least two sides to issues as possible strategies or solutions?

enjoy having your feet in more than one ‘camp’?

work to increase your ability to find comfort in what to others may be one-sided?

You may be a Border Person if...

Border Blogs

Ruth Van Reken Ted Talk: Third Culture Kids | TEDxINSEAD


Third Culture Kids are those children who grow up in a culture that is different from their parents’ culture. The number of TCKs has increased as never before in History, and this is not without consequences. Ruth Van Reken shares her insight on the griefs and gains of being the Third Culture Kid.

Ruth Van Reken is a second-generation Third Culture Kid (TCK – a child who spends a significant period of time during his or her developmental years growing up in a culture outside the parents’ culture.), mother of three adult TCKs, and co-author of the internationally acclaimed book, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds.

If you replace Nigeria with Mexico in my friend Ruth VanReken’s talk you’ll know how I grew up to become me, a TCK, a CCK, a Border Person.